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This area if for Schools and Sports Teams only

  • Please allow 15 business days from the day the photos were taken to be uploaded.

  • If you have already purchased a package

(Paid in an envelope or called in credit card prior to picture day), you don't need to proceed unless you wish to purchase additional items.


Furthermore, Re-takes are only taken for those students who were absent that day or due to an error on our part. If your child does not smile (We work with your child for at least 5 minutes with the teacher's assistance to try to get them to smile) or you do not like what your child was wearing that does constitute a retake.  

  • If your school has already had its photos taken, click here, then click on "Click here to view your Child's Photos",(You can click on the link if you don't want to watch the instructional video on how to purchase your child's photos).  input the password provided to you, and continue your purchase.

  • If you purchased or intend to purchase a digital copy, please contact us. If you only purchase a digital copy, it is $35. If you purchased a package and you want a digital add on it is $15.




  • 1 Pose

  • 1-8x10

  • 2- 5x7

  • 6- 4x6

  • 1- 5x7 (Class or Team Photo)

  • Digital copy additional $15 




  • 2 Poses

  • 2-8x10

  • 3- 5x7

  • 10- 4x6

  • 1 5x7 (Class or Team Photo)

  • Digital copy additional $15 

Package 3


  • 2 Poses

  • 3-8x10

  • 4- 5x7

  • 12- 4x6

  • 1 5x7 (Class or Team Photo)

  • Digital copy additional $15

  • Cash, Credit, or Money Order- ONLY


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