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Click Below to view your child's photos!

  • If you have already purchased a package

(Paid in an envelope or called in credit card prior to picture day), you don't need to do anything, unless you wish to purchase additional items).


Furthermore, Re-takes are only taken for those students that were absent that day or due to an error on our part. If your child does not smile (We work with your child for at least 5 minutes with the teacher's assistance to try to get them to smile) or you do not like what your child was wearing that does constitute a retake.  

We recommend using a computer to purchase your packages, you may use a mobile device, but it may be slightly difficult for some. 

The below video is a how-to video to purchase your packages or other items from your children's school portraits.

Please allow up to 15 business days from the date(s) the photos were taken to be uploaded. (If class photos were taken please allow additional five business days.) Ex: If taken on Oct. 27 please allow until Nov. 10 at the close of business.

When you go to the site you can enter your phone number to be notified when they're uploaded. 

If you pre-paid utilizing the envelope or via credit card over the phone, you do not need to purchase a package from the website, but you can purchase any additional items. 

We have changed things slightly, instead of "Picking/ Selecting your school, just click on the purple button and enter your access code that was provided to you!

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